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Crystal healing week

A Crystal healing is a great way to restore your energy and balance within a week. 

Of course I will clear outside influences and blockages as well, just like I do with the regular photo healing. 

I will do a daily healing for you just as with a regular photo healing. Using the source energy through my hands, while I do a daily healing for you for a week. 

Beside the regular healing energy, I will also work with different crystals for you all week, that I will choose daily for you to support your energy field. 

So after the daily healing, that flows through my hands towards your energy field, I will channel the right crystals for you for that day. 

All as an extra support from spirit's energy to create the most balance for you. 

At the end of the week, I will give you a Crystal advise. That can be connected to your home, work space and what crystal would benefit you most at that moment to wear with you. 

I will of course explain how the use of the crystals will benefit you and why. Every Crystal has unique qualities and that can truly benefit you to keep flowing after the healing week. 

After placing your request, you can send me your questions and your picture to sabine@blossomtarot.com

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Crystal healing week
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