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Healing week Self-love

Healing Week Self Love!

This healing week is all about finding and embracing your self love.

When you strengthen the bond and love for yourself, you also strengthen the relationships around you, you learn to receive and everything in life will flow again!

During this week I will do a daily healing for you, 7 days in a row. 

The healings ensure that the blockages disappear (which can arise from experiences, old emotions, etc).

And I'm going to give you an affirmation daily that fits your process at that moment. Affirmations are powerful tools to make your energy work positively for you.

Furthermore, during this week I will be fully focused on opening doors for you, from within.

When you are 'Alone' and also feel complete, you will see that relationships, money and other things will also flow positively in your life.

When you are fully in your self-love, you will notice that you will also receive on your new, high frequency in life, and that is the goal of this week!

A life full of love for yourself, with healthy boundaries, where you will see in the weeks after this healing week, that you will receive very positive energy!

So if something stagnates in your life, this is the most beautiful way to receive what you (think) you deserve by embracing yourself.

The way you feel, what you radiate, how you feel about yourself, how you dare to set boundaries for yourself, are all part of self love.

During this healing week we go on a journey through your chakras together, we solve the blockages, we bend thinking patterns and you will dare to receive fully in your power :)

I do the healings daily through a photo healing. And write daily what I experienced during the healing and give you the tools to turn it into.. LOVE FOR YOURSELF.

This week is not only a sweet gift for yourself, but when you start to shine from within and receive, this week is also very valuable for the long term in what you attract in life!

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Healing week Self-love

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