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Aura cleansing ritual

Aura (energy field) cleansing ritual

During our days we absorb all kinds of energies from other people and situations. 

Especially when you are sensitive to that (empaths, HSP) you can experience a lot of affects from energies that do not belong in your energy field. You can feel tired, drained, uninspired. Or you can even experience unbalance in your gut system, hormonal system, have headaches and other sorts of unconvienences. 

Cleansing your energy field on a regular basis truly helps to keep your balance and to hold your own vibe up!

I have developed a ritual that provides a deep cleansing from all negative influences that have entered your field uninvited. 

I use your picture for the cleansing bath. Where I will use water, crystals, lemons, salt and herbs to absorb everything from your field that doesnt belong there. Of course I always work with source energy with everything I do. 

The next day (as it takes time to do the cleansing right for you) I will also activate a light code for you. I will be guided to the light code that will benefit you the most to create positive flow in your life at that time. 

You will feel 'lighter' and 'brighter' after the energy cleansing ritual. And it also creates a new flow for you, as your energy is the creator of all things!

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Aura cleansing ritual

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