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Chakra healing week

During a Chakra healing week, I will do a daily healing for you for 7 days.

I work from Monday till Friday, so the 7 days will overlap the weekend. 

In this week we make a journey through your chakra system, starting at the root chakra and on the last day we will reach the Crown chakra.

When we focus every day on a specific chakra, we can see where the blockages are for you and focus on rebalancing each chakra. 

-        Root chakra (basis/ trust)

-        Sacral chakra (sexuality, emotions)

-        Solar Plexus chakra (willpower, wisdom)

-        Heart chakra (love, healing)

-        Throat chakra (communication)

-        Third eye chakra (visualization, creativity)

-        Crown chakra (spirituality, intuition)

I would like to receive your picture by e-mail: sabine@blossomtarot.com

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Chakra healing week

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