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Manifestation Candle Magic

Manifestation Candle Magic.

Can you use an extra boost with the manifestation of your wishes? Then we can use Candle Magic to put the energy in the right direction for you!

This is a daily ritual of 5 days, where I use candle magic to put the energy on manifesting your wishes. Think of a promotion at work, a solution to financial problems, finding that one love that really suits you and with which you can have a nice life, that house you long for or that trip you want to make so badly.

A week is from Monday till Friday.

Candle magic works best if you actually trust the Angels, by which I mean that you better ask in an open form when it comes to true love or a promotion / financial expansion, etc. because perhaps the Angels have something much better in store for you than you then what is on your mind right now! :)

During the daily rituals I make contact with my guides and the Angels and I use tarot, incense, herbs, crystals and sometimes also flowers, fruits or other things that suit your wishes. I can't tell you in detail what this will look like from day to day (I'll send you the pictures of course) because I tailor it specifically to your energy and your wishes.

What do I need from you? First of all your photo, to connect me to your energy and of course please write down your wishes. You can send this to me by e-mail sabine@blossomtarot.com

Think carefully about your heart's desires and really keep it as open as possible because that will take you where you want to be in life :) For example: would you like a house with a garden? Or live on a farm? Nice! (But rather don't put an address or place of residence on it, so that the Angels find the right place for you!)

Please note, I do not provide binding spells (I just want that person for me) nor do I support other manipulative forms of energy that can negatively affect other people's lives.

I would like to indicate that this works great, but if there are curses or black magic hanging around you, it will only achieve partial results and I advise you to solve this first :)

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Manifestation Candle Magic

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