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Cord Cutting / Energy removal

This is a week-long ritual (5 days) to cut cords with someone who 'lives' on your energy or 'blocks' your energy and/or for the removal of black magic (curses).

A week is from Monday till Friday. 

I am aware that cutting cords and removing energy (black magic) is often offered as a single session, but from my experience this mostly doesn't work or only works very temporarily.

Cutting (energetic) cords can be very amazing when you are 'bothered' by a specific person (an ex, a family member, or someone else who 'hangs' on your energy or blocks your energy. But it is also possible that someone (consciously) blocks your life through black magic.
I have therefore developed a week in which I combine healing with candle magic to cut cords for you, so that you can be fully in your own strength again and live in your full energy, without blockages from another person.

At the beginning of the week we look at how the energy is connected to you, hinders, and blocks you and then I get to work for you through a daily healing session (via a photo of you) and a daily candle magic ritual. So for the cord cutting I combine candle magic, with a healing week to achieve an optimal and lasting result for you.

For people who are highly sensitive and therefore also extra sensitive to energy from others, this can genuinely be very liberating in life. (It can cause 'psychic attacks', blockages in life, you can feel very low in your energy, things 'often don't work out', and you can even get (many) physical complaints because your body doesn't recognize it as your energy and therefore gets upset. You may even experience that other people no longer seem to respond to you, but to the energy that hangs around you, with all kinds of unpleasant consequences).

The reason I combine the candle magic with a healing week is as followed:

We start by looking at the cause of the blockages (is your energy consciously or unconsciously blocked and where does it come from). Then on the Monday I start with the daily healings (of 5 days) AND with the candle magic / rituals of 5 days. I want to achieve an optimal and lasting result for you.

People who have known me for a long time know that I myself have struggled with this problem for years, and it has taken me a long time to find the right way to live fully and freely again :)

With the healing sessions during the week I will remove the energy that does not belong to you (from old emotional blockages to energy from the outside) and then I will completely balance your energy and ensure that your energy field is nice and thick again, so that you are well protected against external influences.

At the same time I'm going to do a ritual for you every day through candle magic because this is a very powerful way to remove energy and turn it to positive things in your life. During the rituals I use the tarot, candles, incense, crystals, various herbs, and sometimes also fruit, flowers, etc. Depending on what you need. I can therefore not tell you in advance what this will look like in detail, because I tailor this to your energy and your situation and the solution you need to be able to live fully and fulfilling again.

I think it's important to point out that after this week you will feel lighter right away, but depending on how long (sometimes years and years...) your energy has been blocked, it will take time for your life to fully restore. Especially when black magic has been hanging around you for years and I remove curses, the energy needs time to turn to positive. It is as if everything within you and around you is going to recover.

With black magic it is as if your poles (like with a battery) are reversed, so that you become a magnet for everything you don't want .. So we turn the energy (the battery) around again so that you get natural energy back, you can attract natural protection and positive energy back into your life.

I think I can say from experience that for every year that black magic has been hanging around you, it takes about a month before you see the optimal result. Unfortunately I can't make it more beautiful than it is.

When you cut emotional cords, you will notice that after this week you are really starting to become yourself again very quickly, but when you remove black magic, your work, your health, your friendships, your love life, etc. are often completely blocked, so that just needs more time for everything to fall back into its natural place in your life.

If you have any questions about what I can do for you in this, you can always send me an e-mail: sabine@blossomtarot.com

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Cord Cutting / Energy removal

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