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Protection Candle Magic

Protection of your energy - Candle Magic

This is a daily 5, day ritual where I use candle magic to protect your energy from outside energies.

A week is from Monday till Friday.

When you are very sensitive (HSP) or when you have your own practice as a lightworker, it is very important to properly shield your energy from unsolicited energy 'hitchhikers' and from energies that come from, for example, jealousy, envy or other negative influences.

This is a very powerful ritual in which you place all energy outside your energy field that does not belong there. When you give readings or healings yourself, you attune yourself to the energy of the other person, and this is of course not the same as when people 'hang' on your energy unsolicited, so it is very nice if you have good protection for your energy field.

I would like to indicate that when you are dealing with a twin flame, you will still experience the emotions and often even thoughts of the other, because this is a spiritual connection where you are inextricably linked on a soul level. It is of course possible to perform this ritual for your twin flame, if you feel that this can benefit both of you. I think spiritual protection is very important, so if you are dealing with a twin soul connection and want to put your energy into protection for both of you, please indicate this to me so that I can perform the 7 rituals for both of you together. I don't charge extra for this as I believe this can be important to many people and if I would only perform the rituals for 1 of you, you could still be affected by outside energy.

In my experience you can perform the rituals once, but this will give little to no result, or it will only last a day to a week at the most. This is why I do it for 5 days. This ritual is therefore very powerful, and you will really benefit from it for a longer period of time. You may want to repeat it after six months or a year, depending on how much energy work you may be doing yourself for others.

I would like to receive your photo (and possibly of your twin flame if applicable) via sabine@blossomtarot.com

I will then perform a ritual for you daily for 5 days and send you the photos of it. After 5 days you (and possibly your twin flame) are completely protected against external energy.

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Protection Candle Magic

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