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Video Reading Akashic / Past life

This is a video reading where we will take a look at a past life through the Akashic field. 

As I channel energy on a soul level, we can see what details show up for you about a past life you have lived.

This can be personally for you, or for a special soul connection you share in this life. What did you experience together in the past life?

Our souls are timeless and withhold all the information, thoughts, feelings and experiences. All without limitations of time and distance.

Insight in a past life (or lives) can show you where you find the connections towards this life, like gifts and talents. But also the karmic cycles, blockages and life lessons.

It can show you what your soul experienced in a different period of time and we can make the connection to this life time. 

After placing your request, you can send me your questions and your picture to sabine@blossomtarot.com

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Video Reading Akashic / Past life
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