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Your postcard from spirit

No questions asked! (Blind reading)

You will receive a Postcard from spirit card and I will choose other oracle cards intuitively for you to complete your personal spread.

You can see this as: messages you need to hear. I will make a personal spread for you and I will channel a message for you that I am guided to give through. I will not answer questions with this option, as I would like to give through what I am guided to bring forward. But the message will always be to help you in your current process, what you can focus on and what will guide you to feel better, or to create new opportunities in your life. So it will be like a little guiding light on your life path. 

This includes the card spread for you. 

After placing your request, you can send me your questions and your picture to sabine@blossomtarot.com

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Your postcard from spirit
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