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Energy boost (1 session)

1 Session: Energy boost!

If you feel drained, tired or just feel like you can use an uplift in your energy, this might be perfect for you!

An energy boost is also helpful if you know you have a 'big day' ahead of you where you want to stand fully in your strength and power. 

If it is for a special occasion that you want to feel uplifted, please let me know on time so that we can plan the moment right for you. 

I prefer (if it is for a special occasion) to do the energy boost one day before the actual event, to let the energy work for you in the most effective way. 

It is helpful if I know it on time, so that I make sure we fit it in my schedule. (E-mail a bit before if it needs to be for an exact moment) sabine@blossomtarot.com

By sending your request, let me know if it is for a specific date/ moment or that you just feel you can use the energy boost in general.

Please send your picture along, as I always will need a picture to work with energy for you. :)

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Energy boost (1 session)
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