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(Part 2) Intuitive Development online workshops

This is the follow-up to the Intuitive development online workshops. (Part 2)

Part 1 of the Intuitive development was a short 6 week journey through dream analysis, herbs, picture reading, the value of self-knowledge, manifesting, colours, energy & symbols from nature and channeling 'energy'.

We have used creative, intuitive and recreational assignments to highlight where your interests lie in the spiritual field, what your strongest qualities are and what you might want to develop further.

And it's true what they say, practice makes perfect! :) It is therefore important to keep inviting yourself, as it were, to bring out and develop more and more of your spiritual gifts.

During the second part of the intuitive development, I like to look together beforehand at what you would like to strengthen and develop yourself!

So the 2nd series of 6 weeks is really all about you! Together we will determine where your interests lie. Do you want to know more about tarot, 'reading' the cards or do you want to go out in nature a lot with beautiful assignments that connect you to everything around you? Or do you want to focus entirely on making amulets, or are you interested in candle magic..?

You can indicate to me what you would like to develop further in, and I will make beautiful assignments or I will make substantive informative videos, depending on your wishes!

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(Part 2) Intuitive Development online workshops

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