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Intuitive development online workshops

Would you like to further develop your own spiritual gifts in a fun way?

Then this is for you!

I'm going to awaken and strengthen your spiritual gifts through (pre-recorded) videos  :) 

We go through 11 different topics during the weeks, but you can take as much time as you need for each assignment. 

The most important and also the most difficult thing about following your intuition is daring to trust that it is right!

You can see this as a fun way to further develop yourself spiritually, because the magic word here is that it can also bring you pleasure!

I am going to take you on a journey of spiritual development through various videos, where I will also give you assignments that you can carry out and share with me (please!).

Anything can come along, from intuitive drawing, to learning how to "read" objects and many other fun ways to strengthen and develop your confidence in your abilities.

During the videos I will explain in detail what the assignment is at that moment, what I expect from you as 'homework' and when you have completed the assignment, I would like to receive an e-mail from you with the result. I will give you my feedback and together we will strengthen your confidence and I will show you how easy and fun it is to develop and strengthen your gifts!

The assignments will always be different because I would like to make you very aware of the fact that EVERYTHING is energy!

This is suitable for everyone! Maybe you are still a bit insecure about your spiritual gifts sometimes, maybe you just like to shake up your spirituality in a creative way, maybe you are so absorbed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that it's just nice to focus on your spirituality give attention again and maybe you just like to get ideas for your own practice!

The core of these 'workshops' is fun in intuitive development, strengthening your confidence in yourself and your intuition and showing what is possible!

Because we evaluate all assignments together via e-mail, I can gratefully look at your experiences and be part of it!

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Intuitive development online workshops

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