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Duo Personal Reading (€ 60,- p.p. 2 persons)

A Personal reading for 2 persons of 90 minutes in Zandvoort.

Would you like to get together with someone else? (A friend, your son/daughter, or your partner?)

Then you can choose whether you both want a reading of 45 minutes (€ 60 per person) or whether there are things you want to look at together (90 minutes). All my prices include 21% VAT.

A personal reading takes 1.5 hours and we can look at all aspects in your or your life.

It is also possible to bring photos of, for example, your children or deceased persons if you have any questions about this.

I don't have a pin, so you can pay in advance via the website, or cash during our appointment.

To make an appointment for a personal reading, you can send me a WhatsApp message on: (0031) 6112 40 380 or by e-mail at sabine@blossomtarot.com


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Duo Personal Reading (€ 60,- p.p. 2 persons)

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