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3 months spiritual coaching

3 months of spiritual coaching, where we will work on what blocks you, what you want to heal from and what you feel is standing in the way of your happiness!

Maybe you are going through a (emotionally) very difficult period, maybe you can’t get your business of the ground, and maybe good things won't come your way because you simply can't find the light switch anymore! Whatever is blocking you, is where we can work on!

What are we going to do in these 3 months?

We start by looking at where you are in life right now. What do you feel that blocks you, what do you feel you need help with?

What would you like?? And what do you want to work towards together?

Perhaps there are events from the past that still block you today from being fully alive, chasing your dreams and above all, being who you are! (or want to be!)

During these 3 months we will mark a starting point together. You can discuss everything with me, and I don't think anything is crazy. Everything always in complete confidence, so that you can also heal your deepest pain points.

And we will look at what you would like. How would you like to feel.. what would you like to achieve? And where would you like to be in life?

And then, when we have come to a framework together, we will work for 3 months towards that moment, in which you can be completely yourself and embrace life again!

What can you expect during these 3 months?

* An intake, where we look at where you are now, what blocks you and what you want to work towards.

* 1 full healing week. I will let you know the progress/experiences by email on a daily basis

* 1x a week a full healing session, to support you in your progress

* 1 x a week a written reading, with what I feel with your energy

* 1x a month (3x) a video reading to see in depth where you stand and what you have already achieved!

* 3 months the reiki box, so you will really experience that you have more energy during all your days to make the changes

* Of course you can always email me in the meantime if things come up, so that we can really create big steps for you in 3 months!

The most important thing during these 3 months is that we will empower you again, together!

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3 months spiritual coaching

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