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Online workshops Reading the Tarot

Online workshops 'Reading the Tarot'.

A fun, interactive way to learn to read the Tarot yourself!

You will receive a new assignment from me through videos, which we will then evaluate together via email.

What can you expect?
Learning to read the Tarot goes hand in hand with developing (or strengthening) your intuition. Because if you really want to learn to read cards well, there is nothing more fun than having the cards tell you a story, because you learn to work with the energy of the cards!

It is therefore my intention not only to guide you in interpreting the meaning of the cards, but also to feel the 'story' that the cards want to give you!

So during the assignments you not only learn to 'listen' and 'feel' and 'see' what the cards want to say, but you also learn various explanations, which are very well applicable to different situations. In a series of videos we go through the tarot together step by step and I use the Rider Waite Tarot for this. (Handy to buy before you start!) If you can read the Rider Waite well, you can then use any deck that suits you :)

We do this interactively. I will send you a pre-recorded video with an assignment, and you can complete the assignment at your own time. We evaluate this via email, I supplement this for you with what I want to give you and so we move on to the next assignment.

So you can do the different assignments at your time, at your moments. After completing all assignments, you can read the Tarot completely intuitively and accurately! (For yourself and/or for others!).

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Online workshops Reading the Tarot

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